AltroClean 48W 5 liter bottle
AltroClean 48W - 5 liter
AltroClean 48W - 5 liter

AltroClean 48W - 5 liter

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Keep your Altro flooring installations looking their best with AltroClean 48W cleaner and maintainer. This all-in-one high-performance floor maintenance product is specially formulated to clean Altro smooth flooring ranges. It contains a unique integrated wax for maintaining aesthetics long-term. No additional flooring finish is required when AltroClean 48W is used on the floor for maintenance.

*Please note that AltroClean 48W’s integrated wax can reduce slip resistance, so in areas where slip resistance is critically important, AltroClean 44 is the preferred cleaning agent. Building owners should assess the appropriate level of slip resistance in all areas of a facility prior to using AltroClean 48W.

Frequently asked questions:

Which areas can I use Altro 48W cleaner on?

AltroClean 48W is specially formulated for cleaning and maintaining Altro smooth flooring ranges. Where its integrated wax can potentially reduce overall slip resistance, we advise that you use AltroClean 44 as your preferred cleaning agent in areas where slip resistance is critical.

How easy is AltroClean 48W to use?

  • Begin by sweeping the floor clear of dust or debris.
  • Apply a fine spray of AltroClean 48W cleaner at a dilution rate of 1:40.
  • Scrub and circulate the solution with suitable equipment such as a deck scrubber or a machine fitted with medium cleaning pads, and allow several minutes for the cleaner to settle and attack surface soil.
  • Thoroughly rinse the floor with clean water and dry after use.

Does AltroClean 48W emit any harmful VOCs?

AltroClean 48W is entirely safe for use in public areas, including corridors, circulation areas and workspaces open to employees and staff. It does not emit any VOCs and will not create a residual health hazard.